Turning audio into actionable insights

To gain valuable insight, call recording and call transcription services have become an important part of everyday business development. Transcriptions help to create a more streamlined and customer centric business focus.

vControl has developed a hybrid Ai transcription service that operates on a unique deep learning neural network, with a constant learning mode trained from hundreds of hours of human speech to offer an even more accurate transcription service for your clients.

AI Workforce Management Tools

Our platform offers more transcription and call to text features than ever seen before, all in one place.

Conversation transcription

Conversation Transcription

Transcriptions with clear split conversation that can define the difference in voice, pitch, and tune, to create clear separation for each speaker on call transcriptions

vControl® Voicemail to text

Voicemail to Text

Voicemails can be automatically transcribed into text the moment the call has ended and then sent directly to the recipient’s inbox. Easily read, search, and respond to important messages quickly

vControl® Sentiment analysis

Sentiment Analysis

An emotion and voice detection response that indicates when a conversation is positive, negative, or neutral and will detect the sentiment throughout the call

vControl® Call summarisation

Call Summarisation

The call summarisation feature allows clients to identify important information from transcriptions and then have it presented concisely and verbatim, in fewer sentences

vControl® Accurate transcriptions

Accurate Transcriptions

Our ground-breaking voice to text technology is optimised for greater accent detection and has resulted in a 25% increase in transcription accuracy

Transcription flexibility

Transcription Flexibility

Call recordings, voicemails and transcriptions are stored directly within the account to allow for one click search, analysis and easier storage all in one place

Stand out from your competition with vControl’s AI transcription as a service

With many businesses now looking for technology that can create an overall customer centric focused solution, the vControl platform presents even more amazing features to offer your clients when adding Ai transcriptions as a service to your cloud toolkit. vControl will enhance your service as a telco provider to help you stay ahead of your competition and gives you a complete phone system management tool in one brilliant platform.

The vControl platform now empowers providers with the ability to offer even more call to text features than ever before!

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Stand out from your competitors

What will AI do for your customers?

The ease of use and additional data your customers will gain from using our AI technology is unrivalled. Customer service analysis has never been this accessible.

  • Easier search, store, and analyse call information.
  • A much higher transcription accuracy rate.
  • Everything stored in one place.
  • Faster Voicemail transcriptions.
  • Search transcription data by keywords.
  • Flexible setup with transcription service.
vControl® AI Brain
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