Private cloud solutions

vControl offers private cloud deployments where you can operate on your own infrastructure, not shared with any other customers. Ideal if your organisation needs vast amounts of data storage or a secure environment in which to carry out sensitive tasks.

Private clouds are an option for businesses with a large number of employees, specialised needs, sensitive information unsuitable for a public cloud service, unique security or privacy needs or where systems need to integrate with existing infrastructure.

Financial organisations, schools, corporations, government agencies, healthcare providers and more use private cloud networks because of the security it allows them to offer their customers.

The details

The vControl system has been developed from the ground up so we have the ability to custom design the right infrastructure to suit any telecommunications needs. It can easily be integrated with existing systems and infrastructure and we ensure data security requirements are met via a customised and secured private physical deployment. Our vControl platform is a powerful tool ready to be customised to your needs.

Public cloud services are often accessed by multiple clients who all use resources from the same servers on the same public network. The vControl private cloud gives you your own physical infrastructure and managed PBX platform, ready to be adapted to any privacy, security or integration requirements your business needs.

All our private cloud servers come with premium support, monitoring and feature updates, providing your privacy and security policies permit.

vControl's public cloud comes with multiple carrier redundancy, network layer redundancy and data centre to data centre failover. Your private cloud can be built with a matching infrastructure (with n^3 redundancy) or extended further should you need. Additionally your infrastructure can be scaled out to include media processing in overseas datacentres for faster connectivity.

If your organisation has existing carrier or trunking connections, we can provide a platform-only solution to allow you to maximise the utility of any current setup - all backed up by our carrier links for redundancy if required.

Experience the power of vControl

vControl's private cloud delivers fast, secure enterprise telecommunications that's fully managed, and ready to be integrated into your existing business systems.

Contact us to find out how our private cloud solutions can be customised, deployed and scaled to meet all your current and future business requirements.

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