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New Platform Feature

Revolutionary AI Transcription Technology

Day-to-day phone call interactions completely reimagined – helping customers turn audio into actionable insights. Introducing call to text like you've never seen before!

The ease of use and additional data your customers will gain from using our AI technology is unrivalled. Customer service analysis has never been this accessible.

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vControl® AI Brain
vControl® and Yealink call conference hardware for business VoIP phone solutions
the vControl difference

Rock-Solid Cloud PBX

Call dropouts, poor audio quality, connection failures and many other issues are actively avoided through reliability focused setup and deployments.

We designed the entire vControl infrastructure from the ground up to ensure reliability, automatic disaster mitigation, flexible load distribution, security and audio fidelity, enabling businesses to offer premium hosted PBX.

Ben Merton - Director
The Next Level

Customised Solutions For Any Need

Requirements for additional security, encryption, privacy, capacity or custom integration is accomplished via our Private Cloud infrastructure.

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