vControl is a cutting edge, intuitive and powerful platform that will enhance your client’s services with premium telecommunications.

We offer a refreshingly enjoyable telco experience. Our product fits exact client needs and responds to ever-evolving phone solution requirements.

Referral, reseller or white label – it's your choice

The path to being a successful provider of VoIP communications starts with vControl.

Referral Partner

You can become a referral partner simply by passing on the details of your clients who require a hosted PBX service. We will handle the rest.

Service Provider

Or you could choose to be a service provider and take on a more active role in the management of their phone systems, gaining more revenue for your business.

White Label Provider

You can even take over our product as a white label provider and present the interface, contact and services to your customers as your own – giving your revenue an even bigger boost.

Frequently Asked Questions

vControl offers a flexible interface that can easily be adapted to suit any client needs. Our full development team is at your disposal to create out-of-the-box solutions. You’ll also receive behind-the-scenes previews of upcoming custom features.

vControl is one of the best call quality services in Australia. We guarantee perfect audio with low jitter and no packet loss. Every single call has its MOS score displayed on our dashboard in real time. And every single server and carrier connection has its MOS score monitored and displayed. The power of the vControl system allows us to rectify faults or intrusion immediately.

Every element of our infrastructure is high availability redundant with automatic failover hardware in place. We also use a Tier IV data centre so that it’s rated to endure in total isolation and to be protected from earthquakes, terrorist attacks, chemical warfare, bushfires and more.

For larger enterprise deployments, or for customers who might need something entirely customized, vControl offers private cloud deployments (link to enterprise page) where enterprises can operate on their own infrastructure, not shared with any other customers. This is perfect for businesses that need to meet privacy requirements or are of sufficient size to justify the infrastructure expenditure.

Every service and call rate in vControl can be customised to your own desired pricing structures and 100% of the increase in price is paid to you as commission. You can also create your own invoice line items for services you want to provide to your clients, such as handset rental and monthly management fees.

A wide range of branding options are available to you including your own. You have the flexibility to change your logo/colour scheme, contact phone numbers, email, physical address, emergency contacts and website URL so that clients see all your company information instead of ours.

vControl’s Hosted PBX will cut your setup time in half. The server will be managed for you in the cloud so all you need to do on site is configure the hardware and connect the phones. All phones purchased through vControl are pre-configured for you before they are shipped, so once they’re plugged in, they’re all ready to go!

100% of the staff answering your enquiries are technicians. They have a wealth of VoIP communications expertise and in-depth product knowledge, which means you will always get the answers you need, instantly. We also have an out of hours number that you can reach us on 24/7.

Being a provider is entirely free. No contracts. No minimum sign ups. You can easily book a demonstration of our product and see for yourself why vControl is the right provider service for your business. You can also offer your customers a free trial account, and you can hold off porting their number until they are completely happy with their setup. That’s how confident we are in our service.

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